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Are computer games harmful?

An attractive subject which is known worldwide today is Computer games. It is the chief theme in households with children and teenagers. A serious question came up with the boom in consumption of computer games namely the question whether these amusing computer games and the use of Personal computers are harmful to our children’s health.

More than 600000 people in Turkey are addicted to computer games. These number increases each year hence the game world is more exciting than the real world. Leads the computer world to a serious addiction or does it bring also benefits?  The following essay will grapple with the problems of “computer games and their addictiveness”

By courtesy of studies we are aware of bad influences which change our actions and isolate oneself from the society. Many aspects suggest that computer games dull somebody’s mind. It is proved that children with more than five hours a day sitting at a computer have more difficulties at school than a child who does not.

Another point is that children more specifically teenagers lose touch with reality. According to experts these kind of addictions resulting from computer games lead teenagers to loss of control and insatiable desires. Another fact is that children have problems at school such as concentrating, communication weaknesses and lack of compassion, lack of consideration and lack of emotions. Computer freaks confess that even if the PC is already shut down, they usually imaging nothing more than this specific game. School and work are neglected. Books are hardly read and most of the time is spend in the house in front of the computer.

MMORPG, a massively multiplayer online role playing game which is a genre of computer games is another point in which millions of people interacting with each other users online are trying to kill a monster. The most known exemplar of the genre with its worldwide popularity is “World of Warcraft”. The chief concern in this game is to gather better items, a higher level, and better groups of enemies. You will be successful by achieving all of these points but the hard punch line is that you will never win because of daily inventions. Some damages are harder to get rid of. These are health problems such as, back complaints sitting for hours long, eyestrain. Not all computer games are funny and harmless. There are quite hard and brutal games that are very realistic.

Considering the problem from a different point of view we can see many benefits by correctly using. Most of the games request creativity, initiative and intelligence. Consequently, the child learns not only the world history but also the ability of cerebration. But to give the guilt alone to the PC would be totally wrong. Additionally Family situations, psychological impact trough mobbing and permanent aggressively behaving should not be forgotten.

Moreover, they promote social skills and self-control is lifted up. Some games without violence but rather punishment are developing their learn effect.

Everyone has a computer at home but not everyone is addicted. Computer games also provide a higher intelligence and therefore would be promoting for children since frequent playing would increase their intelligence and career outlook.

In conclusion, if we contrast all arguments it prevails for the non-use of Computer games. But to be objective we should say that a usage in sensible manner would also bring benefits.

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  1. cgdmisik dedi ki:

    Apart from some grammer mistakes it is very good and explanatory.Information and ideas are well organized.
    Effective use of a good range of vocabulary.
    My point is:90

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