Classification Essay

Different types of Hotels

Nowadays, we can find hotels in every country and city of the world and even cities with few inhabitants. Today, the small businesses providing accommodation (hotel trade) offers many new alternatives for the travelling public.

There are now many different types of accommodation and lodging options which provide very special offers and night stops. Some properties offer luxury accommodations, others offer budget accommodations while still others accommodate the need of travellers to be away from home. Whatever the reason is, there are many different kinds of hotels and they can be classified according to their size, facility, type, price or service. Generally it can be classified into three large groups based on location.

First of all these are resort hotels which are located near beaches, mountains or spas. A resort Is a place used for relaxation or recreation for attractive visitors for vacations which typically includes entertainment and recreation activities for the vacationers while remaining on the premises. They are generally located touristic especially in extremely interesting regions. Resort hotels are destinations or parts of a destination complex and their primary customers are vacationers or people who are longing for a rehabilitation process. Guests in these resorts can spend from one week to an entire season. These types of hotels provide guest entertainment because the resort guests expect to be entertained right on the premises.  The level of the service must be higher than other accommodations like and downtown hotel. We can once again classify resort hotels into three subtitles which are seaside resorts, ski resorts and mountain resorts.

Airport hotels which is also clear in the name is a hotel near the airport. Airport hotels accommodate the air travellers. Nowadays the air travel has become more popular for traveller, especially for passengers with short stay overs or cancelled flights and for businessman it is the most convenient one for traveller. The principal here is that it is located near airports. The length of the stay in contrast to resort hotels is between one to three days for the guest. This type of hotel was established after the worse stuck in an airport for hours. They recognised that it would be better to getting an airport hotel room instead of spending the whole evening on the floor of the airport itself.

Downtown hotels are located in the middle of the town in major metropolitan areas. The downtown hotels are generally near business destinations for daytime activities and close to the cities entertainments for night time activities. The downtown hotels have a variety of services such as swimming pools, big conference rooms, used particularly by businessman. In short, that type of hotel is located in the middle of the town and is preferred by tourists and businessman for three to five days where the rates depend on the hotel classification.

In conclusion, hotels are found in every country and city of the world. The only one crucial difference is in their service area, quality and location.

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  1. cgdmisik dedi ki:

    Today,the small businesses providing accommodation offers… You shuld have written “offer” instead of “offers”.There are some grammer mistakes in your essay but your ideas are so clear.You have effective use of a good range of vocabulary.
    My point is:90

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