Compare and Contrast Essay

My Two Sisters

No two people are exactly alike, my two older sisters Deniz and Secil are no exceptions. Even though they have the same parents, their notable differences in looks, personalities and attitude toward life reflect the difference between two Mountains.

Secil is short, small and has a full, moon-shaped face with brown eyes and hears. Her smooth white skin and small arms make her look somewhat graceful. Secil always likes to wear formal, traditional clothes. She always wears skirts and costumes. She looks like and early twentieth-century intellectual with her indispensable glasses.

In contrast to Secil, Deniz, who is her elder sister by 3 years, looks more like a traditional european. She is tall, big-boned. Her face is long and angular as an European character. Unlike Secil, Deniz has blue eyes and blond-curled. In contrast to Secil, she likes to wear comfortable T-shirts and jeans, mostly sports clothes.

Secil and Deniz also differ in personality. Secil always smiles. She smiles because she wants to make people happy or to make herself happy. She smiles whenever and with whoever speak to her, regardless of whether they are right or wrong. Secil likes books, literature and philosophy. She likes singing and drinking coffee. In short, in our famliy Secil represents the intelligent and mature daughter.

Deniz, on the other hand, does not set a good example of traditional respectful behaviour for his brothers and sisters. Unlike Secil, Deniz only smiles when she is happy. When she talks to people, she looks at their faces. Because of this, Secil considers her as impolite. Deniz does not like literature and philosophy, instead she studies science and technology. Whereas Secil drinks coffee and sings, Deniz prefers to drink coca-cola and alcohol. Deniz loves her independence more than she loves her family. She is a selfish and bossy person.

My sister`s differences do not end with looks and personalities. Their attitudes toward life, they are as different as the moon and the sun.

In conclusion, siblings differ in many ways such as appearance, attitudes towards life, school marks and in characteristics .


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One Response to Compare and Contrast Essay

  1. cgdmisik dedi ki:

    There are some spelling mistakes like europian instead of European,famliy instead of family…You should have written the conclusion part a bit longer.Apart from this,your ideas are extremely well organized.
    My point is:85

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