Argumentative Essay

Should children leave home with the coming of age? 

With the coming of age for many young people at once much more doors are getting open than before. There are from now on more mature than before and so they begin to think living on its own away from parents. Not necessarily far away but an apartment on your own would be a fantastic thing. But is it really advantageous to leave with the reaching of the majority the parent`s house or seems it just at a first glance so?

From the perspective of young adults from now on it`s just wonderful to finally have their own apartment. They believe to have from now on more freedom and can have their own decisions. You can decide when you get home or what you are buying to eat. Of course these two examples seem actually more ridiculous than if they had reasons to move out. But it’s not just these little things by which it is often of a dispute with the parents?

As a result, to make independent decisions one becomes automatically faster. From now on one must pay attention how much time and money one has available. Thus one begins to pay attention much more to it what is really important for one and which not.  Such positive developments are also seen by their parents. Formerly when children came too late it would be a reason for a quarrel at home. These small quarrels belong from now on to the past. They developed a better relationship to their parents.

First of all, you will be more independent if you live on your own without any restriction of your parents. So you have the possibility to make your own decisions about where you want to go, what you want to do and with whom.

Secondly, you’ll be responsible for your own time, money and for looking after yourself. There would be no one who is hugging on you that you pay too much money.

As a result, People may treat you in a more adult manner. You will be old enough to participate on conversations and have the ability to get rid of the prejudices of being a little child. Since you have the opportunity to prove yourself.

But on the other side leaving your parents house with reaching of majority they will be not mature or strong enough to spread one`s wings. They do not simply know what they want and childish still too much. It would be a great failure if they would isolate themselves from their parents, since it would not go for most only downhill and uphill. You’ll need to finance your own life. You might not have that much money left for your own enjoyment, after you have paid all the bills. You’ll have to do your own shopping, cleaning and housework and so you might get lonely. There will be times in which you need someone at home.

Although it naturally brings many advantages with itself, if one takes off with 18 years, it is in my opinion rather the worst, which one can make. There are a lot of disadvantages such as you will have to pay your own bills: gas, electricity, water rates. you may have to live on benefits which means you will have to budget very carefully, you will need to pay your bills before buying things like clothes or CDs and other things you want. One of the most intense arguments is that you may not be able to finish your education and you may not be able to afford to go out with your friends as often. You will have to do your own washing and ironing, shopping and cooking. It will not be the same by living at home with your parents and having everything prepared by your mother.

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  1. cgdmisik dedi ki:

    Theme is appropriate for this type of essay.
    Your grammer is perfect.
    Effective use of a good range of vocabulary
    My point is: 95

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